How often can I masturbate?

Is it dangerous for potency and in what quantities?

A group of scientists from Australia during a research project was able to establish that it is useful for men to masturbate at least 5 times a week. Representatives of the strong half of humanity, who are often engaged in self-satisfaction, at times reduce the risk of prostate cancer in them.

Scientists have found that men who are often engaged in self-satisfaction reduce the risk of developing prostate cancer. Experts explain that these manipulations can remove toxins from the genitourinary tract that contribute to the onset of the disease. In addition, it has been proven that masturbation helps to strengthen muscles. Regular masturbation or frequent sexual intercourse strengthens the muscles of the diaphragm of the pelvis, and this prevents the occurrence of incontinence, as well as erectile dysfunction.

Regular masturbation before TV with nude stripper prolongs an erection, and also boosts the immune system. It was noted that ejaculation increases the level of cortisol in the body, which is responsible for maintaining and regulating immunity. Another useful property of masturbation before PC or TV with nude stripper is to increase mood. During this process, a large number of neurochemicals responsible for mood are released in the body. We are talking about oxytocin and dopamine, which improve mood and activate the structure of rewards in the brain.

Masturbation and potency are closely related. There are several types of masturbation. The most common of these is reflex. It occurs in babies of the first year of life. At this time, the child actively feels his genitals, getting acquainted with his body and new sensations. This type of masturbation is not pathological and passes unnoticed in most cases.

The conscious form of masturbation begins from 13-14 years, when active hormonal restructuring begins in the body. The pituitary gland increases androgen synthesis and activates the activity of the genital glands. Testicles produce sperm, and the prostate gland releases testosterone into the blood.

From this moment on, teenagers experience a spontaneous erection. With the accumulation of seminal fluid at night, pollutions can occur – an involuntary release of the seed. Restructuring hormonal balance becomes the cause of masturbation. As soon as a young man has a permanent sexual partner, the acute cause of masturbation disappears.

In a conscious age, a man resorts to masturbation due to lack of sexual intercourse. Only in this way can an adult sexually mature STRIPPER get sexual relaxation and relax. The appearance of a woman in sex life completely solves the problem.

But there is a more dangerous form of self-satisfaction – psychological, when it can be said for sure that masturbation negatively affects potency for stripper. When irritating factors appear, an erection immediately occurs, requiring discharge. The pathological complex affects a person’s sexual life: he refuses to have sex with a woman, preferring solitude and masturbation. Identify the cause of the pathology and try to eliminate it as soon as possible, turning to a psychologist.

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